Proactively detect and prevent costly building envelope issues before they become costly surprises.

Empowering building owners and managers to optimize building maintenance, extend asset life, and save significant building operating costs.

RAM Infrared Services offers comprehensive assessments using cutting-edge technology, advanced testing, and thorough inspections. We empower you to make informed decisions, extend roof asset life, and dramatically reduce operating costs through detailed reports that reveal the true state of your building’s roof system.

With offices in both Florida and Pennsylvania, we offer comprehensive infrared and roof consulting services to a wide range of clients across the eastern region. Our extensive knowledge and experience cover a wide range of sectors, including commercial, industrial, and municipal clients.

RAM Infrared Services Inc. will help you get a handle on your property’s roof assets by delivering actionable insights that save you money and improve decision-making.



Combining aerial and infrared surveys, material testing, and meticulous physical inspections, we deliver a comprehensive view of your building’s roofing system.



Combining electronic leak detection, infrared scanning, and physical roof assessments, we deliver actionable insights that save you money and improve decision-making.


By implementing preventive measures, you optimize your building’s performance and longevity of your building’s roof, maximizing your investment.

Don’t wait for costly surprises. Proactively protect your property with on-demand or routine roof system assessments.

Avoid costly repairs and optimize building performance with RAM Infrared Services’ in-depth roof inspections. We combine drone tech, advanced testing, and physical inspections to deliver actionable reports that save you money and improve decision-making.

Our rigorous roof system investigation services utilize state-of-the-art technologies like thermal imaging, moisture detection, and core sampling to acquire definitive data.

Why should you have a roof system assessment?

The building envelope –roof, walls, and windows – forms the critical barrier between your property and the elements. Over time, natural wear and tear, material degradation, and unforeseen events can compromise its integrity, leading to costly repairs and operational disruptions.

In order to optimize energy efficiency and sustainability of your property, it is important to understand the condition and performance of your building envelope and roof system. This is where roof envelope surveys, infrared scanning, and building envelope consulting services come into play. By assessing and analyzing the building envelope, potential issues can be identified and addressed, leading to improved energy efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and cost savings.


Roof System Consulting Services

Leak and Moisture Intrusion Investigation

Our comprehensive infrared inspections and testing techniques identify even the smallest leaks and failures. We then provide detailed reports and recommendations to help you address these issues proactively.

Infrared Scanning

Our roof infrared scanning services utilize advanced infrared technology to detect and diagnose potential issues and identify areas of moisture, leaks, insulation gaps, and other underlying problems that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Roof Condition Assessments

Our Roof Condition Assessments (RCA) will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your roof’s current state, enabling you to maximize its lifespan.

Building Issue Solutions Planning

Through our diagnostic surveys, we can then deliver comprehensive insights about your building’s enclosure along with actionable reports with recommendations for mitigation strategies.


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RAM Roof Infrared Services, Inc.

Empowering building owners and managers to optimize building maintenance, extend asset life, and save significant building operating costs. We proactively detect and prevent costly building envelope issues with routine or on-demand building envelope assessments. RAM Infrared Services provides professional roof consulting services to the east coast of the US including Florida, Pennsylvania and the eastern seaboard.



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